We beat our 2020 total!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce, that with your help, we managed to beat last year’s tally and raised $15,000 for Kiwi Kids at the 2021 Cocksy Classic Charity Fishing Comp!


I am truly humbled that in a year that has been so challenging for many, we were able to achieve such an amazing total. My heart is so full.❤️

With the money raised, we will definitely be making a difference on the Trek for Kiwi Kids this year, and we couldn’t have done it without you!
For all of you who attended – THANK YOU
For those of you who volunteered with help – THANK YOU
To all of you who sent donations – THANK YOU
To our sponsors & supporters – THANK YOU

I sincerely hope you had as much fun as I did and got to meet some awesome, like-minded people. I know Cocksy would be very proud of what we all achieved and would have totally loved the rivalry! 🤣

Tairua crays weigh themselves

We love you guys!

A BIG thanks to Dayle ITM for their support in 2021

Suns out guns out Shano, Pew-Pew!

Measure once, twice...

T-shirts still available for purchase :)

Kids prizes up for grabs

Thanks to GT Radial and the Tiki Crew from The Trek and South Auckland Ford for the Mustang

Thanks to Brett our Tairua Butcher for another great spread this year

Go Barry!

Fish on!

Balls and barrels!

I wouldn't trust these guys to feed my cat...

Miss Cocksy Classic 2021

Dinner and prize giving at the Tairua Rugby Club

No fish caught by this lot

Nice school! (of fish)

Coming in thick and fast this year

Does this count as one?

You have been cautioned

Barry just had it goin on this year!

Great kids prizes up for grabs

It was a very good year

Good looking and tasty